Independent Films in the Mid-Hudson Valley

The Downing Film Center at Yellow Bird opened on Saturday, July 22, 2006 with the film WATER! Nestled in the Yellow Bird Building. along the festive Newburgh Waterfront, near many fine restaurants, Vino 100 and the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry, The Downing invites you to experience film in a setting unlike any other in the Hudson Valley.

Photo: Karsten Staiger

Specializing in independent, foreign, and classic cinema, The Downing brings all your senses to life as you soak in the best the film world has to offer.

In this "screening room" atmosphere, open six nights a week, you will see the projectionist who lights up the night. You will hear the sound of rolling film. You will taste popcorn and candy along with our fine coffees, teas, soft drinks, candies, ice cream and baked goods. You will feel a part of this experience, unique to you and all the other people sitting with you in the dark. All this for less than you pay at the multiplex!


Yellow Bird Building

The Yellow Bird Building, a former 1925 furniture warehouse, was restored in 2005 by Dick Polich, owner of the Polich Art Works foundry.