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Not Rated (Treat as PG13)
Directed by Rachel Dretzin | In English
Based on the book by Andrew Solomon
93 min | Documentary | 2018

August 24–30

Tickets will be available soon.

About the Film

Discover the courage of compassion through the eyes of parents journeying towards acceptance of their one-of-a-kind kids. Based on the New York Times bestseller by Andrew Solomon, Far From the Tree is an intimate, profoundly human look at families raising children society deems “abnormal”: a mother and son determined to show the world that his Down syndrome does not define him; a couple learning to communicate with their bright but nonverbal autistic son; a young woman dealing with what it means to be the only little person in her family; and parents whose deep love for their son persists even after he has committed an unspeakable crime. Tracing their joys, challenges, tragedies, and triumphs, Far From the Tree invites viewers to rethink what it means to be a “normal family.”

IFC Films

[T]his documentary…clarifies how its subjects’ stories extend beyond both the breakthroughs and the moments of incomprehensible devastation. This is a powerful movie about human nature and how no matter where we end up—and who we end up with—we wake up each day and adjust.

—Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

19 Front Street, Newburgh, New York