Special Events

Moulin Rouge! Coming to the Downing

Baz Luhrmann’s Golden Globe–winning 2001 film Moulin Rouge! will be coming to the Downing for a limited run in March (tentatively scheduled for March 10–13). Coincidentally, the film has recently been in the news because songs from the film were used by a number of figure skaters in the just-concluded winter Olympics, much to the delight of Luhrmann, who was recently interviewed by Variety:

I can tell you that when I woke up and the “Moulin Rouge” album was No. 13 on the iTunes chart — and I don’t know if it had even been on the charts in 10 years — I was as surprised as everybody else. But hey, I’m happy to consider “Moulin Rouge on Ice: The Skating Spectacular!” I know how I’d cast it.