Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question? Maybe the answer is here. If not, please send us an email, and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

You have three options:

  1. Recommended option: Buy your ticket in advance online with a credit card or a gift card. To buy a ticket online, click one of our Buy Tickets buttons and follow the instructions provided. To claim your ticket when you arrive at the theater for the film, you’ll need EITHER the credit card used to purchase the ticket OR a paper or electronic copy of the ticket purchase confirmation barcode you will receive by email after purchasing your ticket. Alternatively, write down your ticket purchase confirmation number (circled in red in the image below) and bring it with you to the theater.
  2. Buy a ticket in advance at the box office whenever the Downing is open. You can use a credit card, a gift card, or cash.
  3. Buy a ticket at the box office when you arrive for a show. We accept credit cards, gift cards, and cash. Be aware that popular movies and special events sometimes sell out, particularly on weekend evenings. Purchasing a ticket in advance is the best way to avoid disappointment.
When you click on any of the Buy Tickets buttons on our website, the page that opens up defaults to the showtimes for the current date. 
If you want to purchase tickets for a different date, you have to first select the date you want from the drop-down box indicated in the image below.
Before finalizing your purchase, always check to make sure you have selected the correct film and showtime. 

We use Ready Theatre Systems (RTS) software both for advance online ticket sales and for in-person ticket sales at our box office. RTS software is used by more than 1500 theaters around the United States, including Showtime Cinemas in Newburgh. Notice that when you arrive at the webpage where you enter your credit card information, the address bar shows a padlock and the website address includes the letters “https” (where “s” stands for “secure”). The use of this secure transfer protocol means that communications between your device and the RTS website are encrypted and cannot be deciphered by hackers.

Because we don’t collect any sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, via the Downing website, we do not use the secure (https) protocol for transmission of data between your browser and our website. However, all online ticket purchases for the Downing are conducted not on our website but on the Ready Theatre Systems (RTS) website, which DOES use the secure https protocol.

Access to the website of our ticket-purchasing service (Ready Theatre Systems) requires that the box office computer in our lobby be on and functioning properly. If the computer is accidentally turned off or unplugged, or if it’s doing a software update, access to RTS is temporarily interrupted. Unfortunately, we don’t receive any automated alerts about this, and the problem can't be fixed remotely: a staff member has to go to the theater to deal with it. When you find the ticketing service to be inaccessible, we suggest that you try again when a movie is showing (that is, when someone is definitely at the theater). We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

No, we absorb online ticket purchase fees, just as we do for credit card transaction fees.

For advance ticket purchases, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, as well as Downing gift cards. At the box office, we accept all the same forms of payment, as well as cash.

Your gift card has a 16-digit number, just like that on a credit card, and you can use this number to purchase tickets online. On the payment information page, enter the gift card number and your email address (twice), leaving the other boxes empty.

In this situation, you have three options:

    1. When you come to the theater, bring the same credit card that you used to purchase your ticket online; this credit card can be used to claim your ticket.
    2. Bring an electronic version—on a phone, for example—of your ticket purchase confirmation barcode with you to the theater.
    3. Write down your ticket purchase confirmation number (circled in red in the image below) and bring it with you to the theater.

    1. Yes, you can buy an advance ticket in person whenever the Downing is open.
    2. OR you can ask someone else to purchase an advance ticket online for you. If you choose this option, ask the purchaser for the confirmation number (circled in red in the image below) and bring that number to the theater with you; you will need it to claim your ticket.

We open approximately 30 minutes before showtime.

No, we do not hold tickets in reserve specifically for walk-up customers. Online and in-person ticket sales proceed simultaneously until we are sold out.

If we sell out, we place a sign on the front door of the film center. In addition, you can check ticket availability before leaving home by clicking one of the BUY TICKETS buttons on this website or in our e-news; if we are sold out for a particular show, you will not have the option to buy a ticket for that show. Please note that we do not provide information about ticket availability in the outgoing message on our telephone answering machine.

No. Although an advance ticket guarantees you a seat, it does not guarantee you a particular seat or group of seats—seating is first-come first-served. The Downing has only 55 seats, so arrive early for the best selection. The screening room opens 30 minutes before showtime.

No. We sell advance tickets online, so empty seats in the screening room MAY in fact be needed to accommodate patrons who have purchased an advance ticket but have not yet arrived at the theater. We ask that you not enter the screening room and choose seats until you have purchased a ticket and that you not save seats for late-arriving members of your party who have not purchased a ticket.

No, this is unfair to patrons who arrive early with a complete party. In particular, we request that you not save seats for members of your group who have not yet purchased tickets. Although you may see empty seats in the screening room, we may in fact be sold out because of online advance purchases. 

No, we do not refund or exchange tickets. If you have strong preferences regarding your seat location or type, we suggest that you arrive early (up to 30 minutes before showtime), or attend a showing during one of our less-crowded times (weekdays, for example).

No, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please consider giving your ticket to someone else who can use it.

Weather-related closings will be announced here on our website (check the News page), as well as on our Facebook page.

Free parking is usually plentiful in the Newburgh–Beacon Ferry parking lot (just south of the theater). Additional parking is available up on Water Street and in the lot behind the theater (access via Carpenter Street). On weekday afternoons, you might be lucky enough to find a spot on Front Street.

Yes, we have a lift and an elevator. If you need to use them, please let us know ahead of time and arrive at least 35–40 minutes early so that we can assist you before we get busy selling tickets and concessions.

Yes. We have two sets of headphones that receive hearing impaired and visual narration channels. In addition we have a pair of close captioning glasses.

Two channel IR headphones for HI (hearing impaired) and VI-N (visually impaired narrative) audio
Closed captioning glasses

Click here for a YouTube video describing the use of these two devices (note that we do not have the  closed captioned reader mentioned in the video).

We have fresh popcorn and a selection of coffees, teas, and soft drinks, along with traditional movie candy varieties and fine chocolates, Zora Dora frozen treats (in season), and fresh baked goods—all for considerably less than you would pay at the local multiplex!

No, outside food and beverages (including alcohol) are not permitted at the Downing.

Film selection depends on a negotiation between the Downing’s director, our film booker, and the film distribution companies. The distribution companies want to sell as many tickets as possible, so our small size and single screen limit what films are offered to us. As a business, we too must consider ticket sales, which means being aware of our patrons’ preferences. Certain types of films are more popular than others, and our film booker helps us to keep this in mind. Our goal is to show high-quality films with artistic merit while striking a balance between films likely to be popular with the majority of our patrons and films that may appeal only to a small audience because of their subject matter or genre.

Yes, we are happy to take suggestions! Unfortunately, we can't make any promises, for the reasons mentioned above. We'll do our best though.

Films and showtimes are listed here on our website (your best source of information), in our weekly e-news, at online movie sites (such as Fandango), and on the outgoing message on our answering machine.

Visit the Up Next, Future Possibilities, Events, and National Theatre Live pages of our website to find the latest information we have about what might be coming up soon.

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Yes, we offer both. Please visit the Support Us section of our website for more information.

Yes. Please fill out our volunteer application to let us know how you’d like to help.


Yes, donations are gladly accepted. Please visit the Support Us section of our website for more information.

Yes. Please visit the Support Us section of our website for more information.

No, the rooftop is not available for rent to the general public.